The Sound of Echoes (Speed of Sound Thriller, #2)

[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Sound of Echoes (Speed of Sound Thriller, #2)  Author Eric Bernt –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 412 pages
  • The Sound of Echoes (Speed of Sound Thriller, #2)
  • Eric Bernt
  • 19 February 2018

About the Author: Eric Bernt to learn about what Eric has been up to.

The Sound of Echoes (Speed of Sound Thriller, #2) Only One Man Can Stop The Most Dangerous Conspiracy Ever Designed In A Shattering Thriller About The End Of Secrets From The Author Of The Speed Of Sound After Going On The Run For What He Knows And Has Created Autistic Eddie Parks Is Back In Harmony House, The Think Tank That Has Been His Sanctuary For Sixteen Years With His Miraculous Invention, An Echo Box That Excavates Sounds From The Past, Eddie Achieved The Only Thing He Wanted To Hear His Late Mother Sing But Where Eddie Sees Good, Others See Infamy Because No Conversation Ever Held Will Be A Secret Again.For Bob Stenson, Leader Of The American Heritage Foundation, Whoever Controls The Echo Box Controls The Future To Seize The Game Changing Device, He Has To Get Eddie Where He S Most Vulnerable By Kidnapping Dr Skylar Drummond, The Only Person In The Word Eddie Trusts.But Stenson Has Underestimated His Prey Eddie Has The Power Of Echoes On His Side Now He Must Follow Them Into The Most Dangerous Places He S Ever Ventured To Save Skylar And The Country.

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    This is the second book in the Speed of Sound thriller series by Eric Bernt I read the first book in this series, and was looking forward to the next adventure with Eddie and his echo box Since this book picks up where the first book ended, it is best to read The Speed of Sound before reading The Sound of Echoes Eddie is a high functioning autistic savant He lives in a place called Harmony House, a think tank for autistic savants In The Speed of Sound, Eddie was working on an echo box He had dreams of using the box to hear his deceased mother sing Of course, there were others wanting to use the box for nefarious plans.Eddie doesn t trust many people, or anyone really, but he has formed a trusting relationship with Dr Skylar Drummond This book opens with Eddie back at Harmony House and Skylar in danger The people interested ...

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    The Sound of Echoes is the second thriller in the Speed of Sound series featuring one of the most incredible protagonists in the genre, high functioning 28 year old autist Eddie Parks, whose genius has led him to create what is affectionately referred to as an echo box a one of a kind device that can recreate never recorded sounds However, once a cornucopia of people know of its existence they vow to do whatever is required to get their hands on what they see as an integral piece to wrestle control of the future Even if that means putting than one life in danger.What this book lacks in believability and probability it makes up for in action, palpable tension and characterisation I would recommend reading the first book, The Speed of Sound, before this one as nothing will make sense otherwise and we jump right back into the melee with no time for a recap Eddie is one of my favourite characters ever and his struggles with his condition are both humb...

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    Loved this sequel as much as the first in this two book series Fascinating premise about an autistic young man and his obsession with building a box that can play sounds from the past so he can hear his dead mother sing This picks up pr...

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    The second book in the series left me quite disappointed after a very original idea in the first book.Basically the parts that made the first book entertaining was all missing from this book.Both Mystery and Sci Fi got removed from the equation, and Romance got added.So you are left with an Ok Thriller.In short, this is a continuati...

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    Excellent follow up to The Speed of Sound It s really hard not to fall in love with Eddie, and now LoLo Eric Bernt does an excellent job melding the triumphs and challenges of autism and a spy thriller I highly recommend these books, especially the audio version The narrator does a wonder...

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    Thoroughly Enjoyed This book grabs attention of the reader fast and holds it It blends in well with the first book Their are a lot of location changes but they are clearly defined There s small amount of cursing and no sex scenes I m waiting on Eric s next book.

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    Even engaging than the first book This sequel is action packed, almost from the first page It is a very enjoyable read, with lots of interesting twists Of course you have to have a bit of an imagination, but that shouldn t be a problem for most given the popularity of f...

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    Great story The Speed of Sound and The Sound of Echoes are both awesome I could hardly put either of them down Eric Bernt is an awesome storyteller I m also a huge fan of Eddie Being the mom of an aspy son, Eddie is my hero

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    WOW This one is for the record book Just great The two books of the Speed of Sound make up one of the best thrillers I have ever read The characters, both good and bad, make up the best as they complement each other Please read the first book or you will miss out on the entire world of our world.

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    Eric Bernt is a surpurb storyteller that combines inexhaustible research with the yarn spinner s art, drawing a stunning plot with suspense that never wanes. You ll never want it to end Highly Recommend

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