A Merciful Promise

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 359 pages
  • A Merciful Promise
  • Kendra Elliot
  • English
  • 11 April 2018

About the Author: Kendra Elliot

www.KendraElliot.com She grew up in the lush Pacific Northwest and still lives there with her family and three cats She s fascinated with forensics, refuses to eat anything green, and dreams of living every day in flip flops The BONE SECRETS NOVELS HIDDEN, CHILLED, BURIED, ALONE, KNOWN and VEILED a novella.The CALLAHAN McLANE novels are a spin off of the Bone Secrets books VANISHED, BRIDGED, SPIRALED, and TARGETED.The MERCY KILPATRICK series, a spin off of the CALLAHAN McLANE series, A MERCIFUL DEATH, A MERCIFUL TRUTH, A MERCIFUL SECRET, A MERCIFUL SILENCE, A MERCIFUL FATE, and A MERCIFUL PROMISE She also writes the Widow s Island and Rogue River novellas with author Melinda Leigh An eight time Wall Street Journal best selling author, 2014 International Thriller Writers finalist, a three time Daphne Du Maurier winner, and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice finalist.

A Merciful PromiseThe Wall Street Journal Bestselling Series Continues As Mercy Kilpatrick Becomes Embedded In The Nightmare Of A Terrorist Conspiracy.The Job Infiltrate A Militia Amassing Illegal Firearms In An Isolated Forest Community FBI Agent Mercy Kilpatrick Is The Ideal Candidate She Knows Oregon She S Near The Compound And Having Been Raised Among Survivalists, Mercy Understands The Mind Set Of Fanatics Lay Low, Follow Rules, Do Nothing To Sound An Alarm, And Relinquish All Contact With The Outside World She S Ready To Blend In.As Mercy Disappears Into The Winter Hills, Something Just As Foreboding Emerges Mercy S Fianc , Eagle S Nest Police Chief Truman Daly, Is Faced With A Puzzling Series Of Murders Three Men Dumped In Random Locations After Execution Style Shootings.Now, For Mercy, Trapped In A Culture Where Suspicion Is Second Nature, And Betrayal Is Punishable To The Extreme, There Is No Way Out No Way To Call For Help And As Plans For A Catastrophic Terrorist Event Escalate, There May Be No Way To Stop Them Even If Mercy Dies Trying.

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    3.5 stars, rounded upFor the second time in three books, Mercy is dealing with a militia Now, I know that militias are a staple in this area of the country, but it s getting a little old So, it s probably a good thing this was the last book in the series That said, this book kept me engaged and I was turning pages as fast as I could I like the characters and Elliot continues to give them depth We get to see some resolution to issues that have plagued Mercy for the ...

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    In Kendra Elliot s A Merciful Promise the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ATF needs a replacement undercover agent for their investigation into a survivalist militia group in possession of a unknown quantity of firearms Past history already shows us how well that will end No spoiler here FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick seems a perfect fit as a trained agent knowledgeable of Oregon, raised by preppers, and still partially sharing their mindset With only two days for learning her role Mercy is sent to join another agent already embedded in the survivalist compound Mercy is totally isolated, no way to communicate with the outside world, unable even to tell her fianc , Eagle s Nest Police Chief Truman Daly where she will be or for how long Mercy s career as an undercover for ATF quickly ends for various reasons, including her inability to keep her mouth shut about the appalling conditions surrounding the children of the compound More than her career is about to end until she finds some surprising help Unfortunately she goes from frying pan into fire, a very cold fire At least this way she has a chance to survive.Meanwhile, Truman is confronted by bodies of men being found scattered around the area He has three bodies to contend with, acting as a partial distractio...

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    I loved the idea of a female FBI Agent slash closet Prepper out there solving cases Mercy was ousted from her family at eighteen when her views clashed with her father s but she s back in her hometown, after fifteen years, to solve a case That s how the first book introduces us to Mercy s world and how she and Truman Daly, Eagle Nest s Police Chief, meet and start their romance Each book has centered on its own mystery which wraps up, but Mercy s personal relationships with her family and with Truman were continuing arc throughout the series I was captivated by both aspects, as well as intrigued by the whole Prepper concept I like the idea of being self sufficient and being able to survive if the world as we know it collapses This was probably the most nerve wracking cases Mercy has taken on, and I was on the edge of my seat for her chapters, seriously worried about how it d all work out Being undercover in an isolated militia group with no outside contact and without backup easily available was a dangerous situation for sure I felt for Truman, Kaylie and Owen as Mercy s fate is unknown to them Truman had his own murder case to solve a naked man killed execution style Britta Vale, from the last book, figures into this story as well as Detective Bolton, and I wonder if there might be a spinoff featuring the two of them in the future I came to the Mercy Kilpatrick series when f...

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    Advanced Reader Copy ARC provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.This book is an amazing end to the Mercy Kilpatrick Series, a series that I have thoroughly loved and enjoyed Mercy is a unique character full of quarks and her fair share of flaws She is relentless and very good at her job and that relentless trait is what saves her in this book I ve got to say, if this wasn t a romantic suspense and I knew there would be an HEA it so easily could have been written with a different ending, which is what kept me reading far into the night Mercy s life is good, her favorite sister, Rose, has just had a beautiful baby boy and gotten married, Mercy is healing in body and spirit and is busy with her job as an FBI agent, she and Truman, with Kaylie and Ollie, are looking forward to becoming a real family with Mercy and Truman s wedding in three months She doesn t want the emergency assignment, but the ATF and FBI have no one else to turn to and the danger from the dissident militia group is real Mercy s fianc , Eagle s Nest police chief, Truman Daly is very concerned about Mercy s new assignment, but he has his own cases and the murders of three men whose bodies have bee...

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    I received a digital ARC of this novel from Montlake Romance via NetGalley My unbiased review is my way of thanking the publisher and the author, Kendra Elliot. This was a buddy read with my GR friend, Luli I want to thank her for introducing this author to me We had already read the previous five stories I recommend reading them in order We knew A Merciful Promise was the final one and would wrap up the series We were ready for closure After an unusual opening I was initially confused , I discovered FBI Agent Mercy Kilpatrick was recruited by the ATF for an undercover mission Police chief Truman Daly, Mercy s fiancee, trusted her to return safely within a few days The operation was secret he knew few details A dramatic, suspenseful novel is a favorite form of entertainment to me It s a pleasure to get lost in the tension I want to be on the edge of my seat and anxious to guess what will happen next And it is especially nice to catch my breath with a developing romance That said, I expected some climatic twists and eagerly awaited Truman s ...

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    Mercy finds herself seconded to the ATF to infiltrate an anti government militia Intelligence suggests they have illegal firearms and explosives and plan on acting against the government Meanwhile her fianc , Truman, is investigating a series of execution style murders in his town The Mercy Kilpatrick books are a rare pleasure for me These are the books I wait for and wh...

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    FBI Agent Mercy Kilpatrick is asked to infiltrate an isolated militia group, when an undercover ATF agent becomes ill Her first instinct is to say no, but when she learns, there are children in the forested compound she has no choice but to go.The ATF have a man in place and Mercy will pose as his girlfriend There will be zero contact Sworn to secrecy she can t even tell Truman where she will be or details about the case Meanwhile, Truman investigates a possible serial killer, as the bodies of dead men are being found.The tale that unfolds is brutal and terrifying Mercy must keep herself alive and help the children she finds in the camp The story alternates between Mercy and Truman s POVs As they work both cases, the tension builds until it meets a crescendo that kept me reading until the bitter end.We get closure but also with the characters, family relationships and the romance that s been an arc in the ov...

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    Noooooooooo My dismay is not for the events of the book nor for a dreaded cliffhanger but because I read in the author s note at the end that this will be the last Mercy Kilpatrick book That s a shame, but Elliot does her characters justice in their final adventure.Months shy of her much anticipated wedding to Truman, Mercy is sent off on a secret undercover mission to infiltrate a group of antigovernment militants in an isolated compound Needless to say, things do not go smoothly and she finds herself in deep trouble, cut off from all friends and colleagues The story is told from Mercy s POV, facing dangers from people and from nature, and also from Truman s, desperate to find her and bring her home While there are some minor incongruities in the story, the wrap up to the main plot and the personal denouement are very satisfying.Over the course of the series I ve come to like and care abou...

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    4.5 FBI Agent Mercy Kilpatrick is recruited to join ATF agent Chad Finn, already working undercover in an anti government, arms selling militia group called America s Preserve She is to pose as his girlfriend and between them find out what the group have planned with a cache of stolen weapons Mercy has two days to learn the ATF created history for Jessica Polk, and the very dangerous role she is about to play in an environment where women are decidedly inferior to the men.In Mercy s favour was the fact she d grown up with survivalist prepper parents and knew the likely mindset of the group The condition Mercy was really struggling with was the no contact rule She couldn t tell anyone, even police chief Truman Daly, the man she was about to marry, where she was going There were no mobile phones allowed in the compound and she had no backup, only herself to rely on.Meanwhile Truman was kept busy as first one body, then another is discovered dumped, both bearing similar gunshot injuries, indicating executions, which also raises the question of a serial killer Despite all this go...

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    Loved the book, especially the ending This was definitely my favorite book in the series After I finished reading it, I couldn t wait for the next one THEN I read the author s note and found out it s the last book in the series insert sad face No Mercy or Truman and all their friends and family Mercy and Truman have definitely gone through their share of trouble in the last year I can t believe all they have been through in the short amount of time they knew each other Loved the story in this book I would never have wanted to be an undercover agent in that crazy off the grid compound all those children, not taught to read or even given medicine The people were scary, they blindly believed and followed whatever their leader told them The book held my attention from the first chapter until the very last I just knew something bad would happen I couldn t believe how the militia group found out Mercy s true identity Loved how it alternated between Mercy and Truman D...

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