Watersong (The God Wars Chosen, #1)

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 300 pages
  • Watersong (The God Wars Chosen, #1)
  • Ryan W. Mueller
  • 16 February 2017

About the Author: Ryan W. Mueller

Subscribe to Ryan s newsletter.Ryan W Mueller is an author of fantasy and science fiction for all ages He enjoys talking about himself in the third person who doesn t Currently, he has written all four books of the World in Chains series, with the first, Empire of Chains, scheduled for release on June 30, 2017 and the next three to follow over the course of the next year.He s a big fan of Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks, Jim Butcher, and many other fantasy authors He first decided he wanted to be a writer at the age of 11 after he started reading Harry Potter Between that and Super Nintendo RPGs, he was pretty much destined or perhaps doomed to become a fantasy writer, though he does like to branch out to science fiction occasionally His fantasy is classic fantasy with modern twists That is, you ll see a lot of familiar tropes, but he tries to put his own spin on them hopefully with some success For him, part of the joy of fantasy is the tropes, and as TVTropes would tell you, there is nothing wrong with tropes It s all a matter of how you use them.He enjoys connecting with readers and other writers You can find him on Facebook as Ryan W Mueller, on Twitter as RW_Mueller, and on various fantasy forums including Fantasy Faction, SFFWorld, and Best Fantasy Books.

Watersong (The God Wars Chosen, #1) When A Mysterious Assassin Attacks Her Father, Princess Firia Tracks The Man With The Magic Of Her Watersong But She S Too Late In Her Grief, Firia Supports Her Mother S Ill Fated War For Revenge Now, Due To Firia S Failures, Rifle Wielding Invaders Patrol Her Tropical Island Nation, Executing Anyone Who Openly Worships The Goddess Shara.Firia Joins The Resistance, Secretly Pushing Her Watersong To Its Limits She Will Not Fail Her People Again She Will Not Allow Her Goddess To Weaken And Die As Faith In Her Declines If Firia Is Discovered, She Ll Face Execution Herself But She Can Manipulate Water Into A Weapon, Shield Herself From Bullets, And Even Capture A Perfect And Unalterable Water Memory Of An Event If She Can T Save Her People, Then No One Can.With Her Rare Talents, She Spies On Traitors Within The Resistance And Discovers The Truth The Assassin Who Killed Her Father Is The Power Hungry God Theos, And Theos Is Manipulating The Invaders Into Doing His Bidding Firia Has One Chance To Reveal Her Water Memory And Show The Invaders Their True Leader But Theos Knows About Her And Will Stop At Nothing To See Her Dead.Watersong Is An Epic Gunpowder Fantasy It Also Tells The Story Of Firia S Brother Sareli, Who Is Left For Dead As A Prisoner Of War And Must Fight In A Brutal Arena To Raise An Army For His People, And The Story Of Rathin, The Commander Of The Invading Army, Who Struggles Between Following His Duty And Following His Conscience.

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    The publication date for this is still a while off, but I thought I d get this up here This is a trilogy I m really excited about It s gunpowder fantasy with tons of magic and gods I feel like it s the most mature book I ve written so far It s still not Grimdark by any means.The desc...

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