The Road She Left Behind

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  • The Road She Left Behind
  • Christine Nolfi
  • 01 September 2017

About the Author: Christine Nolfi

Some writers are gifted with an unusual life and I m certainly one of those I ve lived in Ohio, Virginia, California, Utah and now South Carolina In college I was featured on the front page of the Houston Post for a lark that erased all my debt I met my four adopted children for the first time in the sweltering heat of the tropics I helped build several companies and was lucky enough to earn a

The Road She Left Behind Three Women Two Families Torn Apart By Secrets Crushed By Guilt Over The Car Accident That Killed Her Father And Sister, And Torn Apart By Her Mother S Resentment, Darcy Goodridge Fled Her Family Estate Eight Years Ago And Hasn T Looked Back Now An Unexpected Phone Call Threatens To Upend What Little Serenity She S Found Her Nephew, Emerson, Who Was Just A Baby When His Mother Died, Has Gone Missing Darcy Must Return Home And Face Her Past In Order To Save Him.Once Back In Ohio, Darcy Realizes There S To Emerson S Disappearance And To The Sudden Retirement Of Her Mother, Rosalind Than Meets The Eye As She Works To Make Inroads With Rosalind, Darcy Begins To Unravel A Decades Old Secret That Devastated Her Family And Forced A Wedge Between Her And Michael Varano, The Man She Left Heartbroken When She Vanished After The Funeral After Carrying The Scars Of That Fateful Night For Almost A Decade, Darcy Is Determined To Find Closure, Healing, And Maybe Even Love Where She Lost Them All In The First Place Right Back Home Where She Belongs.

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    It is easy to see why Christine Nolfi is one of my favourite authors Her gift of storytelling makes it a delight to pick up one of her books and become totally captivated for hours on end.Eight years ago Darcy Goodridge fled her family estate without looking back Drowning in guilt over the horrifying car accide...

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    Nolfi writes smart, sensitive fiction that will have you hooked from page one The Road She Left Behind captures the core of the Goodridge family, a family broken by tragedy and long held secrets The stain moves through their lives affecting friendship and love until Darcy Goodridge returns home, forced to confront the past Faced with a mother who has turned her back on her, the boy she once loved and never forgot, and the child who s lost everything, Darcy embarks on a path to right the wrongs all while unraveling the tale of that tragic night.Nolfi creates a beautiful, touching story with compelling characters reminiscent of the deep love and friendship found in Steel Magnolias For family isn t always those we are born into, but the richer connections we are fortunate to find At the very heart of The Road She Left Behind...

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    Ahh family secrets always suck me right in and at its core this is about secrets and a family that is broken after an unspeakable tragedy I also love when a character returns home after leaving in haste to deal with their past and Darcy heads home, unwillingly, but with her nephew missing she knows it s finally time to face her past, as heartbreaking and emotional as that will be for her and the family she has left.While I enjoyed Darcy as a character it was truly the supporting cast of characters that I adored From Samson, the teenaged boy who is Darcy s closet friend, to Emerson her precocious nephew all the way to Tippi her old boyfriends grandmother, they made up an eclectic and highly lovable group of individuals who added a whole lot of heart to an already heartfelt story.There was a ...

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    Like a mother shielding her child from the harsh reality that life, a haven blessed with sweet beginnings, was also a battleground cursed with bitter endings. This was a welcome break from my usual steady diet of thrillers I ve read and enjoyed previous books by Christine Nolfi, but I think this is the best one she s ever written The Road She Left Behind is a multi generational story of a mother, a daughter, their nephew grandson and the decades old secret that devastated their family.Christine Nolfi knows how to paint a vivid picture featuring engaging characters and her talents were on full display with this novel The characters were emotionally engaging I laughed and cried with them and their struggles were very tangible Parts of this were very sensitive and personal, but Ms Nolfi handled delicate details with respect and did not belittle her characters I couldn t help but be pulled into Darcy and Rosalind s lives and stayed up late to spend time with them All of the characters were richly imagined and detailed and I was very invested in the story which was at turns hea...

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    I absolutely loved this book Darcy Goodridge is consumed by guilt as a result of a car accident in which her father and sister are killed Her mother, the extremely vocal and demanding person that she is, cannot hide her feelings for her surviving daughter Darcy flees the huge estate and begins traveling from city to city, town to town, taking various jobs along the way to support herself Every year as the anniversary date of the tragedy approaches, she flees to a new city and a new job.She is completely estranged from her mother, who is raising her late sister s son something Darcy had promised she would do when her sister had a close call and worried she wouldn t survive having the baby However, Darcy did not keep that promise she could not stay where she wasn t wanted, and so she ran.However, Darcy does speak to a woman who works on the estate once every year, so she is kept up to date on young Emerson, and how her mother is doing One year, the phone rings earlier than their chosen date and Darcy must decide whether or not she will return to Ohio to help find the missing Emerson.She has also taken in a new friend , a young man who has aged out of the ...

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    This is my second book by Nolfi and I can t wait for the next one.I liked this one just as much as the first one Romance, Family, and forgiveness, did I say a little romance also I loved Emerson and Michael and Darcy The story was sad but well you have the read the whole story I did want the story to go on, It ended a little to fast for me.Pick up a copy of this 4 star must rea...

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    Christine Nolfi has done it again The book was wonderful, filled with memorable and unique characters Even the ones we aren t supposed to like were great We follow the journey of Darcy, who is living a transient and lonely life Her one friend, Samson, was such a delightful character Together they go to Darcy s family estate and encounter the wrath of Rosalind, Darcy s pretty horrible mother As Darcy gets closer to her mother she unravels some family secrets and connects with her old boyfriend Michael s family is Italian, and his nonna Tippi is a trip Cavorting around in her mourning black, I was reminded of the old mamarellas in the Italian neighborhoods who wore black outfits from the day their husbands died Tippi had a thing for poker and old men, and she really added a level of humor Well told, very compelling, there are some tragic moments and some made me laugh out loud Some parts gave me goosebumps and choked me upall the feelings you wa...

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    The Road She left behind is an emotionally compelling book about a family torn apart by grief, guilt, and lies Darcy left her hometown, her family, and her best friend eight years earlier following the deaths of her father and sister She hasn t spoken to her mother in all that time, and now is urged to come home when her young nephew disappears The family dynamics in this novel are taut and honest, so many layers of frustration and hurt festering beneath the surface The characters are well w...

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    In The Road She Left Behind, Christine Nolfi takes her gift of storytelling to new heights You ll find it all here deft prose, troubled relationships that overcome and triumph, and a plot that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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    I ve read and loved several of Christine Nolfi s books and this book was no different She has a gift for creating truly special characters that you don t want to let go of at the end of the book seriously, I was so sad when the book ended I wanted While I enjoyed all of the characters, I especially loved Emerson and Samson Emerson is an 8 year old boy who is mature WAY beyond his years, taking dental floss with him when he escapes to the woods on an impromptu solo camping trip Samson is an 18 year old young man who appears much younger than he is, but he s a devoted friend to Darcy, even when she tries to push him away as she tries to continue her nomadic way of life I thought Nolfi did a great job unfolding the story and slowly revealing why Darcy has lived the way she has for the past 8 years, revealing enough to pique your curiosity and keep you reading on Once I started, this book was hard to put down Thank you to Lake Union Publishing, NetGall...

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